The top health insurance companies strive hard to provide their customers with plans that would help them in times of a medical emergency. Here are some of the best health insurance companies in the world.

Buying a good and affordable health insurance plan in today’s world seems like a tough task. The cost of health insurance is increasing day by day due to the rise in the cost of health care in the world. A simple visit to the doctor’s clinic can cost around $200 to $300 and if the matter is serious, the patient can expect a large medical bill if he/she doesn’t have health insurance. The best way to be safe is to get an affordable health insurance plan that suits the investor’s profile, but for that the investor has to select a good health insurance company first.

Insurance companies provides exclusive policies including automotive, property, tangible or intangible goods, health and life insurance with respect to time, money or premium becoming efficient and effective respondents to change which enables risk.

Top Health Insurance Companies

Top Health Insurance Companies

There are numerous insurance companies serving the customers worldwide making it difficult for any person or business firm to choose the best one. Here we listed top 7 best insurance companies in the world below for you.

Zurich Insurance

Zurich insurance group is one of the leading companies in the world which operate on a truly global basis with mission to help its customers by realizing and protecting themselves from uncertain risk. The firm has been ranked among world’s largest public company and 94th in Interbrand’s top100 brands, also added in the list of top best insurance companies in the world with $45.4 Billion shareholders equity. Having 60,000 employees in nearly 170 countries, the insurance group is providing quality services to its customers with wide range of specialized plans to firms, individuals, small business and multi-national companies since 130 years.

BlueCross BlueShield Association

The BlueCross BlueShield Association is the parent company of 39 different companies which are independent, community based and locally operated for the benefit of American citizens. This company originated in the year 1929 in the land of Texas and was started especially for teachers as a non-profit health insurance plan. Almost 99 million people in the US are members of the BlueCross BlueShield Association and the company boasts an excellent track record for providing quality and Affordable health insurance plans to its members. The company offers dental and medical coverage everywhere in the nation and some of their best plans are Health Reimbursement Arrangement (HRA) and Health Savings Account (HAS). The company has its operation in all the 50 states of the country including the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. 97% of the hospitals and 90% physicians in the country are signed with the Blue Cross and Blue Shield Association. All the 39 operating companies under the BlueCross BlueShield Association are independent, which means that there is no A.M. Best Company Rating for the entire company. However, every independent company of the BlueCross BlueShield Association has always bagged A Rating when it comes to customer service.

CIGNA Corporation

Another big player in the market of health care, CIGNA serves more than 10 million people in the US. CIGNA is an acronym used for a joint venture between two companies, INA (Insurance Company of North America) and CG (Connecticut General). These companies were formed in the year 1700 and 1800 respectively, which makes this joint venture one of the oldest companies in the US. They provide some excellent dental, medical, vision, behavioral, life and disability plans for clients. More than 15 million people are members of this company and the company has a large fan following in Canada as well.

AIA Group

AIA Group is a real life insurance company originated in Hong Kong with operations in Australia, New Zealand and East Asian and South Asian countries and subsidiaries in Thailand, Hong Kong, Singapore, Malaysia, China, and Korea. With employees of more than 21,000 the insurance in another leading corporation in the world that also enrolled in the list of top best insurance companies in the world. The group insurance services include Credit insurance, wealth management plans, retirement schemes, saving and investment services.

Well Point, Inc.

Well Point, Inc. is another big player in the world of health insurance. It provides affordable health insurance plans to more than 35 million people in the US. The company very well follows their motto, ‘Improving lives of the people we serve and the health of our community.’ They have a long history of providing affordable health insurance plans for people who can’t afford a big cover for their health. The company is one of the few privileged ones who give the best returns to its customers. Due to their excellent working style and a genuine effort to provide the best health insurance to America, Well Point, Inc. stands tall in this list.

health insurance benefits

health insurance benefits


MetLife is another largest multinational insurance giant headquartered in New York which provides insurance, employee benefit programs and annuities, has nearly 66,000 employees in more than 60 countries. MetLife is leading firm in United States, Japan, Latin America, Europe, Asia’s Pacific region, and the Middle East, enlisted in the top best insurance companies following its specialized and elite plans for its customers. The firm is offering Life insurance, Accident insurance, health insurance, Credit insurance, Disability income insurance, Auto insurance and Home insurance with total equity of about $63 Billion.

Allianz Insurance

Allianz is a German financial services company with over 147,000 employees offering services to 80 million customers in 70 plus countries. The multinational corporation is one of leading German insurance firm holding market with $76 Billion around world, considered as one of best insurance company in the world. Allianz personal insurance include Life insurance, Health insurance, Motor insurance, family insurance and home insurance while it also serves small, medium and large sized corporation by providing credit insurance, asset management plans and firm related other insurance policies.