Enjoy family holidays at sandy beaches islands of Caribbean with health travel insurance, provides sufficient levels of cover for emergency medical treatments.

The Caribbean Sea and the many Islands there attract millions of travelers from America annually. The Caribbean island getaway is heralded as the ultimate vacation bliss. It is quite literally a paradise for vacationers from the USA with the Caribbean islands being like heaven on earth with excellent weather, beaches and sight seeing opportunities. People head to the islands for honeymoons, anniversaries or much-needed relaxation all the time. Caribbean beaches are a great place to catch a tan, but it’s also helpful to remember that travel insurance for the Caribbean can help you avoid several trip hiccups that can come with the beautiful island scenery. Sorting your Caribbean travel insurance is easy. Simply choose your ideal level of cover at Insure and Away and in a few clicks, you will be good to go. The difficult part of arranging a Caribbean holiday is deciding where to go.

While holidaying it is strongly recommended for US citizens to be insured with proper travel insurance. Americans should be aware that their domestic health insurance and Medicare provide very limited coverage outside the USA. You need travel medical insurance for any medical bills in case of medical emergency while in the Caribbean. Travel insurance provides coverage for hospitalization, evacuation, repatriation, accidental death and dismemberment.

Caribbean medical insurance

Caribbean Travel Insurance

Medical and Health Insurance Coverage

Primary Coverage

If you have no medical insurance coverage for your destination you will need a primary or full policy. Premier level travel insurance will also compensate you for travel delay, so that you’re not missing out on a second of your dream holiday without recompense, as well as baggage delay. If you’re planning your dream Caribbean holiday, whichever island you choose, protect your investment with Caribbean holiday insurance from Insure and Away.

Secondary Coverage

If you have some medical insurance coverage for your destination you will need a secondary medical policy.

Emergency Medical Coverage

Emergency medical coverage is usually lumped together with medical evacuation insurance. This policy will provide you with the coverage if you’re suffering from prolonged illness. Before you purchase a policy, try to find out whether or not the policy provides you coverage in case of emergencies.Watch that the total amount covered will be enough. Example; if your emergency medical coverage total is $25,000.00. Medical Evacuation costs can run more than $30,000.00 alone.

Important Tips for Caribbean Health Insurance

  1. Plan ahead because some companies will only sell you travel insurance within 10 or 14 days of when you make your travel purchase.
  2. Trip cancellation coverage is one of the biggest advantages if you have a travel insurance policy. In case of any natural disaster, you get a refund if your trip gets cancelled.
  3. Weigh your personal tolerance for risk. Most travel goes on without a hitch, but travel insurance can offer an important financial cushion during the unforeseen. It all comes down to your own tolerance for financial risk, and the value (monetary and otherwise) of the trip you’re taking.
  4. Purchase policy from a genuine company. You can purchase travel insurance policies from travel agents or tour agents. But it is advisable that you should purchase a policy from a renowned insurance company.
  5. Consider how much insurance will cost you. Insurance cost will depend entirely on the value of your trip and what type of coverage you’re seeking.
  6. Consider adding extra coverage based on the type of trip you are taking. Are you off to a remote tropical island, or exploring the deep rain forests of Costa Rica? Then something like emergency evacuation insurance may be a good idea. Do you like to travel by the seat of your pants? Then consider “cancel for any reason” insurance, which is not cheap but which may help with last-minute changes of plans.